The Amazing but Simple Secret of Success

I don’t usually post other people’s videos on my blog, but today I have to make an exception. My friend Ryan Magin just put out a video that I think you should watch:

I hope that resonated with you.

He’s essentially saying to take action, and keep doing so. That really is the secret to success, as simple as it sounds.

Oh, by the way, adult language warning on that video.

I’ve known so many people in situations like these:

  • They’ve been going to marketing seminars for years but haven’t made a dime online yet.
  • They’ve been studying Internet marketing for years but haven’t put a single web page online.
  • They’ve been creating a product for years but are nowhere near trying to sell it.
  • They’ve spent more than a year trying to decide what niche to pursue.

Do any of those sound familiar?

Those issues all come down to not taking action, at least not the right kind of action.

He might not have specifically said this in his video, but I think Ryan would agree with me that you have to take the kind of action that can lead to making you money.

There’s nothing wrong with attending seminars, studying marketing courses, and so on, but in and of themselves, those things don’t make you money until you apply what you’ve learned.

Neither do forums, Facebook, and lots of other things people spend lots of time on while not making money.

There are a lot of ways to make money online, but just about all of them come down to selling something. So if you’re doing things unrelated to selling products or services, realize those are the activities that don’t directly make you money.

Start doing more things that can make you money, like putting up web page that sell things, getting people on a list and sending them offers, and so on. It really is that simple.

And keep in mind Ryan’s other main point, that you have to keep taking action. Some of the actions you take, even the right ones, won’t pan out. No one bats 1.000 for very long, and everyone who is a success has had (and continues to have) more than their share of failures along the way.

So thanks to Ryan for making the video and inspiring me to write this post.

We all need a kick in the pants sometime.

I suggest you go watch the video again, then get to work.

If you’d like to listen to an interview I did with Ryan about affiliate marketing, you can do that here.

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