That’s No Way to Sell Beer

A few nights ago I went to a sports bar with some friends to watch some preseason football, and I was reminded of what a lousy job of marketing some big companies are capable of.

The Miller Lite girls were there, but kept a low profile. Except for the small Miller Lite patches on their shirts, it wasn’t obvious who they were.

A sports bar should be a great place to promote beer… if it’s being promoted properly.

The ladies did give away some football tickets, but that was about it. I wonder if the people who won them will even remember what brand of beer the tickets came from.

Here’s what I would have done if I had been in charge- I would have had all sorts of stuff with the Miller Lite logo on it and given it away. Stuff like T-shirts, caps, bumper stickers, keychains, coasters, can holders, you name it, that people would have used or worn to spread the logo around.

I would have also given away beer samples, unless there was a good reason why not. And I would have coordinated with the bar to have specials on Miller Lite while the ladies were there. How obvious is that?

None of that is rocket surgery, although it is apparently beyond the grasp of big corporate marketing departments. But then these are the same people who spend millions on untargeted and untrackable advertising.

Other than the drawing for the tickets, there wasn’t much evidence that Miller Lite was even doing a promotion that night. It looked more like two women in football jerseys slowly wandering through the bar.

It’s sad to think that someone actually got paid to plan this pathetic attempt at promoting beer.

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